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Advantages of sand casting process
Dec 05, 2018

Sand-casting crusher wear parts are still very common in China, such as slabs, high-chromium plate hammers, broken walls, rolled walls, etc., because in the crusher equipment, as a relatively large wear-resistant casting, Relatively speaking, the accuracy is not very high, especially for the seesaw. The finished product is almost no grinding on the lathe. The broken wall, the rolled wall, the roll skin and the like are only required for the grinding of the part of the casting, so it is especially suitable for sand casting. Because the sand-casting jaws, high-chromium plate hammers, broken walls, rolling walls, roll skins, etc., the wear parts of the crushing equipment are more than 20% durable than other products such as the lost foam casting process. However, lost foam casting has high dimensional precision, small machining allowance, convenient sand falling sand, and the cleaning and grinding work is reduced by more than 50%, which saves labor costs, so the price of lost foam casting is relatively low.

Sand casting is one of the casting processes, and the mold used for sand casting is generally composed of an outer sand type and a core. Because the molding materials used in sand casting are cheap and easy to obtain, the molds are easy to manufacture, and can be adapted to single-piece production, batch production and mass production of castings. For a long time, it has been the basic process in casting production. At present, internationally, in all casting production, 60 to 70% of the castings are produced in sand, and about 70% of them are produced using clay sand.

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