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Recycling of investment casting
Dec 05, 2018

When a resin-based molding material is used, since the quality of the investment mold is high, a molding material of a molding material is often used to prepare a casting mold. The mold material recovered after demolding is used to make a casting mold for the riser system after remelting and filtering.

When a wax-based molding material is used, the mold material obtained after demolding can be recovered and used to manufacture a new investment mold. However, when recycled, the performance of the mold material deteriorates, the brittleness increases, the ash content increases, the fluidity decreases, the shrinkage rate increases, and the color changes from white to brown, which is mainly related to the deterioration of stearic acid in the mold material. Therefore, in order to restore the original performance of the old molding material as much as possible, it is necessary to remove the soap salt from the old molding material. The usual methods are hydrochloric acid (sulfuric acid) treatment, activated clay treatment and electrolytic recovery.

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