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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Clay Wet Sand Casting
Dec 05, 2018

The advantage is:

1. Clay is rich in resources and cheap.

2. The used clay wet sand can be recycled and reused after proper sand treatment.

3. The cycle for manufacturing the mold is short and the work efficiency is high.

4. Mixed sand can be used for a long time.

5. Sand type tamping can still withstand a small amount of deformation without damage, which is very beneficial for drafting and lower core.

The Disadvantages is:

1. When mixing sand, it is necessary to apply a thick clay slurry on the surface of the sand. It is necessary to use a high-power sand mixing device with a smashing effect, otherwise it is impossible to obtain a good quality sand.

2.. Because the sand is well mixed, it has a relatively high strength. The molding sand is not easy to flow during the molding, and it is difficult to compact. The manual molding is both laborious and requires a certain skill. When the machine is used, the equipment is complicated and huge.

3. The rigidity of the mold is not high, and the dimensional accuracy of the casting is poor.

4. castings are prone to defects such as sand washing, sand inclusion, and porosity.

Clay dry sand type The wet moisture of the molding sand used for this sand type is slightly higher than that of the wet type. A simple core made of clay sand with a clay core.

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