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China Hardware And Electrical Market Analysis
Dec 05, 2018

China's hardware industry belt has formed a strategy of nationwide coverage development with Zhejiang industry, Guangdong industry and Jiangsu industry as the main centers. How to promote the further development of China's hardware regional market integration process and the strong cooperation market between regional markets, Forming complementary advantages and enhancing the competitiveness of the hardware industry as a whole is a problem we need to think about! Therefore, concentrating the superior resources of major hardware producing areas, vigorously integrating and improving the overall competitiveness of the production area is the only way to promote the long-term healthy development of the hardware industry. Guangdong is a major producing area in South China, with numerous industrial cluster markets, Guangdong (Guangfo) Electromechanical Hardware City, Zhongshan Hardware Industry City, Dongguan Changan Mould Hardware Plaza, China (Dongguan) International Hardware & Electrical Purchasing Expo City and other large hardware and electrical market And gradually formed a radiation extension to the surrounding provinces. The neighboring province of Guangxi relied on the opportunity of the ASEAN Free Trade Area to vigorously develop the circulation field. Nanning Dongbo International Hardware & Electrical City also developed rapidly. Through the Pearl River Delta industry radiation belt action, Yunnan, Fujian and other hardware and electrical machinery market has also developed rapidly.

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